The City roundup video: RBS sets £400m aside for foreign exchange manipulation and Ebola and Isis hit advertising sales

Video: Oscar Williams-Grut provides a run-down of the day's major news from the City

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Royal Bank of Scotland has set aside £400 million to cover potential fines for allegedly manipulating the foreign exchange market. The bank that have made a profit of £1.27 billion in the last three months, has announced the news just a day after Barclays set aside £500 million for a similar reason.

Markets around the world are surging after the Bank of Japan announced plans to pump more money into its economy in a bid to stave off deflation.

The warm weather continues to hit the high street, with SuperDry the latest to warn of a slowdown in sales.

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According to advertising giants WPP, advertising sales have taken a hit as a result of global events. The company said that Ebola, Isis and protests in Hong Kong were all putting companies off buying ads.

And finally, George Osborne has begun paying off the UK’s World War I debts. The Chancellor has paid £218 million of the debts accrued nearly 100 years ago leaving the country still owing over £2 billion.