The FTSE 100, Japan’s Nikkei and Germany’s DAX are at record levels. So why are stock markets booming?

Experts give their views

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The FTSE 100 is at all-time high levels, Japan’s Nikkei and Germany’s DAX are both breaking new ground and the FTSEurostocks 300 is at record levels. So why are stock markets booming? Experts give their views.

Rebecca O’ Keefe, head of investment at Insitutional Investor

"Global markets look set to extend their recent gains and reach new highs as continued policy and central bank support from China, Japan, the US and Europe all contribute to positive sentiment for investors.

"With Greece also looking more likely to reach a deal and the feel good factor from increased mergers and acquisitions continuing to provide momentum, equity markets are on track for their best week since January."

Joshua Raymond, market analyst at City Index

"A strong US and UK economy, where interest rates remain supremely low and rising investor, consumer and employment confidence is all feeding through to a bullish stock market.

"Can it last? I think there is certainly some room to go even higher but the real test of investor confidence will be when both the US and UK central banks hike interest rates and monetary policies around the world normalise."

Tony Cross, market commentator at Trustnet Direct

"Equity markets across Europe are charging higher and it’s arguably the ECB’s quantitative easing that’s the main driver. Yields on Spanish government debt have fallen so far that they’re, now negative so even with all the uncertainty that surrounds factors like Greece’s future in the Eurozone or the UK general election, stocks have this huge draw."

Alastair McCaig, market analyst at IG

"Slightly improving inflation figures in China have helped set an optimistic tone for European markets this morning as the DAX, FTSE and Euro Stoxx 50 all look poised to post higher highs.

"Now that we have seen the re-emergence of a buoyant M&A market adding to the comforting feel of the QE safety net below, European equities are confirming their status as the destination of choice for cash."