The good life beckons for more Midlands gardeners

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Here's a chance to invest in thrift – more than 100,000 people are on waiting lists for allotments so a group of Midlands businessmen have come up with a plan to raise money, buy up local gardening plots and let them out to those seeking the good life.

Local Allotments is the brain-child of Roger and Alison Blears, Christian and Melissa Sanders and John Gregory, who hope to raise £2.24m to buy land in the Midlands and turn it into allotments for residents. Shareholders can invest anywhere between £2,500 and £50,000.

Mr Sanders, a partner in chartered surveyors John Sanders says: "We haven't seen any green shoots of economic recovery yet, so we thought 'why not grow some?' As allotment rents are rising, I believe that allotment clubs will represent an attractive investment." He's hoping for a 7 per cent return. Since the Second World War the number of plots have fallen from 1.4 million to 300,000 today.

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