The League dating app promises 'classy courting' for Harvard hotties and beautiful billionaires

'You're smart, good-looking and successful... you should join The League'

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If you’re smart, good-looking and successful then you deserve only the crème de la crème, especially when it comes to dating, right?

At least that’s the concept behind a new app set to launch in California.

The League is a dating app specifically for the elite: an upmarket Tinder so-to-speak. Aimed at the likes of “Harvard hotties”, it promises a different way of looking for love.

In a bid to woo potential users, the app’s website states: “You're smart, good-looking and successful. You don't need a dating app to get a date – you're too popular as it is. But you should join The League.”

According to Business Week, the app was founded by a Stanford MBA student and hundreds of people have already signed up to the waiting list, eager to join its “private alpha”.

The League is due to be launched in San Francisco initially, with over 300 people currently on the waiting list, while other cities will be prioritised to follow suit depending on the amount of people who have signed up.

And once they’ve been approved “super busy and super picky” users can expect “classy” dating, with the app doing the “scouting” on their behalf.

An advanced screening algorithm keeps the “randoms” out, meaning that “weeding just got a whole lot easier”.

And they say romance is dead.