The worst thing about working at Facebook

A software engineer that used to work at Facebook has revealed the worst thing

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Facebook consistently makes it into lists about the best places to work.

It was voted the best place to work in the UK in September, with employees citing free food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a healthy work environment and an amazing working culture. 

What's more, it's among the best paying places to work in Silicon Valley, according to jobs site Glassdoor, which revealed that product analysts earn $118,864 (£81,125), while engineering managers can earn up to $380,861 (£259,939).

But one software engineer who worked at Facebook between 2013-14 has revealed that it's not all perks at Facebook.

In a post on Q&A site Quora, Jérôme Cukier said that the worst thing about working at Facebook is that it makes you "insufferably spoiled".

"Working at Facebook comes with an avalanche of perks," Cukier wrote in his post.

"But while these perks cause fascination in the first few weeks of employment, afterwards, they cause disappointment, frustration, or more."

As evidence, Cukier posted a picture of a banana next to a poster that read: "Unfortunately the bananas are not organic today due to a supply issue. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Cukier posted the picture on his Quora answer showing how spoiled Facebook employees can be

Underneath, someone had scrawled: "Not only should they apologise, they should give us mango as restitution."

Cukier also remembered when Rdio, a music streaming service, decided to stop offering Facebook employees free accounts.

"This caused widespread outrage, as employees would have to either pay, use the free version of the service or spend some time rebuilding their playlists on another service," Cukier remembers.