This is why Ben and Jerry's released its new ice cream line in winter

The company is gearing up early for peak season

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At this time of year, when warm days seem like a vague and distant memory, you would be forgiven for eschewing ice cream.

But for Ben and Jerry’s the midst of winter is deemed the perfect time to launch its new Cookie Core line in the US. It features three different combinations of ice cream encasing a gooey cookie centre.

While the likes of Florida and Hawaii remain warm all year round, temperatures on the East Coast dip well below zero and even sunny California, the most-populous state, gets chilly.

However, the Vermont-based company has specifically chosen the coldest season as a means to ensure a successful year of sales.

John Henry Siedlecki, senior brand manager at Ben and Jerry's, told Business Week that most new ice cream varieties are unveiled between January and April. He said that supermarkets tend to restock their freezers at the start of the year because this allows customers to become used to the new products on offer.

And if people see tasty new ice cream flavours lining the freezer shelves they may well buy them – even if it’s chilly outside.

Ben and Jerry’s usually launches its new ice creams in February but this year it's starting a month earlier.

The new range includes Boom Chocolatta! Cookie Core, Peanut Buttah Cookie Core and Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core.