Top businesswomen 'must take lead'

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Female executives need to "take responsibility for the under-representation of women at the top of corporate Britain" and stop blaming chairmen and headhunters for male-dominated boards, a new group of 100 top businesswomen in the Capital has claimed.

The Two Percent Club London believes women in business need to be more proactive in putting themselves forward for senior corporate positions, and sponsor and mentor other aspiring female leaders.

"Too often the search for a solution to this issue is put at the feet of CEOs, chairmen, head-hunters and politicians," said the group's founder and chief executive of women's group An Inspirational Journey, Heather Jackson. "It is time women stand up to be counted and become a more visible and active part of this business issue."

Other Two Percent Club members include Natalie Ceeney, chief executive of the Financial Ombudsman, Carla Stent, chief operating officer at Virgin Management, and Caroline Rainbird, director of corporate services at Royal Bank of Scotland.