TV companies set to bring 3-D shows to Europe's living rooms within two years

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Viewers across Europe will watch their favourite TV programmes in three dimensions within two years, according to a new report.

Claudio Aspesi, an analyst at Sanford Bernstein, said television manufacturers had picked 3-D as the next product cycle. "The beginnings of broad 3-D TV adoption in Europe could take place as early as 2011," he added. Mr Aspesi said strong supply-side pressures were driving manufacturers to make 3-D capable television, while the content producers – especially film companies – had an incentive to support the technology as it was harder to pirate.

Three-dimensional technology is progressing quickly, and has already been adopted by cinemas and some studios. Almost a fifth of US cinema screens will be 3-D ready by next May, and 17 major Hollywood releases are slated for this year. These include Monsters vs Aliens and My Bloody Valentine 3D, with James Cameron's eagerly awaited Avatar out next year. This will be followed shortly by 3-D in the living room.

BSkyB, which has already trialled 3-D TV, is expected to be a winner from the technology, Mr Aspesi said, adding that free-to-air broadcasters could lose share, "exacerbating their structural decline".