UK faces 'medium' risk of energy disruption

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Britain faces a medium risk of disruption to its energy supplies in the future, according to new research. The energy security of the eurozone's largest economies is highly vulnerable in the short term, with Italy at "extreme" risk, global analysts Maplecroft said.

Over the long term, all eight Middle Eastern members of Opec are at high risk because of their dependence on fossil fuels and failure to invest in alternative energy sources, the research found.

Maplecroft's Energy Security Risk Index ranked countries based on factors such as their reliance on oil and gas, the security of the sources of their energy imports and their future growth.

The UK was rated medium risk in the short and long terms; Germany, France and Spain were considered at high risk in the short term. Italy was judged one of the most vulnerable countries in the short term because it imports 85 per cent of its energy from "unreliable" sources, including Libya, Russia, Iraq and Iran.