Vadera seeks a G20 role for Brown after No 10 exit

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Sources close to Baroness Vadera, one of Gordon Brown's closest allies who quit last week, suggest that the real reason she has gone to the G20 is to help secure a job for the Prime Minister with the group of advanced economies after the election.

One source said: "The story behind Vadera's move is much more to do with preparing the ground for Gordon Brown who has his eyes on a potential role within the G20. He sees the G20, and his stewardship and his handling of the banking crisis, as part of his lasting legacy and he's really keen to continue in such a high-level, high-profile international role.

"He likes the idea of having a permanent job at the G20, which is becoming the most powerful forum for global economic management. "Lady Vadera is going there to see if there are the foundations for some sort of future role for Gordon. It's global – just the sort of role he sees for himself after the election."

Lady Vadera made her surprise exit public last Thursday, on the eve of the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh. The former merchant banker known as "Shriti the Shreik" explained that she was taking on the unpaid job at the G20 to advise the South Korean president, whowill host of next year's G20, and will then return to the City.

Mr Brown said that, in her new role, Baroness Vadera "will strengthen the UK's engagement with the G20".