Vauxhall to increase production

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Car giant Vauxhall today announced plans to increase production at one of its UK factories, easing worries about job losses.

The carmaker said it planned to move to a three shift production schedule at the Ellesmere Port plant on Merseyside, and made it clear there would be no redundancies.

Vauxhall said in a statement: "The proposed plan is for Ellesmere Port to move to a three shift production operation in 2011.

"To support the launch in 2010 of the new Astra Sports Tourer and to prepare for the third shift introduction in 2011, the plan is for no redundancies as all current labour would need to be utilised to staff the third shift.

"Plant and trade union senior leadership will now work together to develop the details of the plan in order to support the future strategy for Ellesmere Port."