Velvet touch Luxury gift service opens in London

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Bokks, a new luxury gift buying service fronted by celebrities, including actor Dustin Hoffman and designer Neil Barrett, is set to launch tomorrow in London. The concept came about when Walter Bugno, the new chief executive of Bokks and the ex-boss of Australia's Sydney football club, sold his previous company and struggled to find a single place from which to buy his staff top-quality gifts.

Mr Bugno also wanted to have the gifts hand-delivered, so he's offering customers the option of hiring a white velvet-gloved "bellhop" porter to deliver the gifts to the recipients' doors. Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is advising Mr Bugno on the launch while supermodel Webb will be helping him choose which gifts to go for.

Analysts will be hoping that the start-up will be a boost for the luxury goods industry which is still suffering the consequences of the downturn. Items available through the service will cost from £250 up to as much as £1m. Lagerfeld said: "There is nothing cheap. It may be expensive but not expensive for quality." There are also plans to open a Bokks shop later this year and Mr Bugno then hopes to take the service overseas.