Walmart has banned Olympic medallist Ronda Rousey’s book because it is 'too violent'

'My Fight/Your Fight' will not be stocked by the US chain that also sells rifles and ammunition

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Walmart has banned the sale of a memoir by an Olympic medallist in mixed martial arts for being too violent.

‘My Fight/Your Fight’ by Ronda Rousey is already a number one bestseller on Amazon and has pre-sold thousands of copies on the Barnes & Noble website ahead of its release on May 12. But Walmart won’t stock the book because it is 'too violent', according to reports.

Rousey’s sister Maria Burns Ortiz, who co-authored the book, took to Twitter to make the point that Walmart sells guns – but won’t sell a book.

Walmart is regularly touted as the biggest seller of guns in the US. It offers a wide range of shotguns and rifles over the counter, alongside accessories and ammunition.

Rousey, meanwhile, is a mixed martial artist and the first US woman to earn an Olympic medals in Judo at the Beijing Olympics. She’s also acted in films including The Expendables 3, Furious 7 and the forthcoming Entourage.

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Rousey isn’t alone in finding herself shut out from the retail giant. Walmart has a history of banning products, including lad mags and single issues of magazines featuring nudity on the cover.

Back in 1988 Walmart banned the sale of Prince's album 'Lovesexy' because of 'offensive' cover art showing Prince nude. In 1999 it pulled an action figure of a WWE wrestler called Al Snow because the toy came with a model of a decapitated woman's head.

A spokesman from Walmart said the book is available to pre-order via the Walmart website and that customers can get it delivered to a store for collection after May 12.