Wicks soothes green energy fears over nuclear review

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The Energy minister Malcolm Wicks will today seek to allay fears within the renewable energy industry that the Government's nuclear review will lead to a diminished role for wind, wave and solar power.

Mr Wicks will say he is "nuclear neutral but not renewables neutral" and that there is "everything to play for" in the Energy Review.

The launch of the review last month was taken as a clear signal that the Government has moved decisively in favour of Britain building a new generation of nuclear reactors to meet fears about security and diversity of future energy supply.

But addressing a renewables audience for the first time since last month's announcement, Mr Wicks will tell a wave and tidal conference in Gateshead: "The renewables sector has nothing to fear from the Energy Review. Growing evidence of climate change and questions around the reliability of global energy sources guarantee its place at the table." The minister will say that despite all the lobbying from the nuclear industry "this is my Energy Review and I am in no doubt our future lies in a healthy mix of energy sources. This isn't about nuclear versus renewables, my eyes and ears are open to evidence on all technologies."

Mr Wicks will also announce £1.5m for three new marine energy projects.