Workers angry at 'betrayal'

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For the people dependent on the loss-making Longbridge plant, few days can have seemed as grey as yesterday. In a leader column, The Birmingham Post, said the area was facing "the darkest days of our history".

At the site, the talk was of betrayal. Keith Bagnall, 50, an assembly line worker with 30 years' service, said: "We have been here before and we all know BMW are only interested in the plant at Solihull and the profitable Land-Rover part of the company.

"They offer with one hand and take away with the other. The latest situation is a joke. The pretend to be the doves of peace but really they are vultures hovering overhead."

One study shows closure would cost 50,000 jobs and £360m in benefits the first year across the West Midlands.

Union leaders are flying to Munich to confront the BMW chairman, Joachim Milberg.