World's richest man to get $700 for soap opera cameo role

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Warren Buffett, the feted investment guru and the world's richest man with a fortune of $62bn, is being drawn into an insider trading scandal – but his followers need not worry, since the scandal is only a fictional storyline on the long-running US soap opera All My Children. The show's producers will pay Mr Buffett union rates for his upcoming appearance, about $700.

The 77-year-old will play himself, coming to the aid of a character called Erica Kane, a vixen entrepreneur who faces imprisonment for insider trading. It is the second time that Mr Buffett has appeared in the show. He is a friend of its creator, Agnes Nixon, and the pair discussed a reprise of his 1992 appearance at a recent get-together. He never cashed his 1992 pay cheque, framing it alongside a picture of his time on the set. "He's been waiting for an invitation to come back, and he was speaking to Agnes, and they made it happen," a show spokesman said. All My Children is the longest-running drama on US television, airing on Disney's ABC network on weekdays for the past 38 years.