Yahoo set for new launches despite Bartz departure


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Yahoo is set to launch a series of products over the next few months as part of a strategy to turn the group around, despite the departure of group chief executive Carol Bartz, who was fired last week.

Rich Riley, the senior vice president of Yahoo in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, yesterday predicted "a very exciting few months for us on the product side".

The company is set to appoint a headhunter to find a replacement for Ms Bartz following her acrimonious departure. "We have a lot of respect for Carol and think she did a lot of great stuff for Yahoo but the board made it clear there must be change," Mr Riley said. "The growth needs to be faster and we'll embrace that change." He added that there had not been any adverse reaction from advertisers or partners since the sacking. "We haven't seen any lessening of commitment to working with us."

Blake Irving, the group's chief product officer, outlined the group's strategy including personalising the site, increasingly targeting mobile devices and developments in social networking.

He said: "There's no time for us to go back and reconstitute what the strategy is. The board loves it, and wants to accelerate."