Nic Cicutti, has written a free guide to flexible mortgages

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The Independent's personal finance editor, Nic Cicutti, has written a free guide to flexible mortgages. These new-style deals are set up to make your mortgage work to your advantage, and fit in with your lifestyle. You get the option to make extra payments into your mortgage account at any time. Many customers knock several years and thousands of pounds off their loan costs.

Flexible mortgages are designed to fit in with modern working patterns and lifestyles. You may be in a position to make several large lump-sum payments a year, rather than paying a fixed amount each month. And with a flexible deal you also have the chance to miss mortgage payments - or even ask for some of your money back as a loan. It is a new concept for many people, so lender First Active has sponsored the new guide, which is suitable for both first-time buyers and those looking for a remortgage deal.