Our new business alliance

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Today sees the launch of a new partnership between the Independent on Sunday and Bloomberg, the fastest growing news and information provider in the world, which represents further evidence of our commitment to deliver ever improving financial coverage for our readership.

The IoS's dedicated team of financial writers will be supplemented by the support of Bloomberg's network of 450 reporters worldwide. With this partnership we move from having the smallest City team on Fleet Street to the biggest.

Bloomberg's comprehensive business coverage at home and abroad will be channelled each week to give the IoS a depth and breadth that is unparalleled in print journalism.

It is a partnership which is based on evolution rather than revolution. Over the coming weeks we will be introducing a number of refinements, which will build on the enhancements you will see today.

The aim is to tailor our coverage to the demands of you, the reader. This we can only do with your support. Any comments on the changes we are making or on areas where we can improve still further will be welcomed. Please telephone our City Editor Ian Griffiths on 0171 293 2050 or e-mail him at: