PEMBROKE: Blood and guts with a BES

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It is a story of blood-curdling cruelty about an Irish warrior king exhumed one day in the future whose spirit runs amok on a wooded island. Will Julia, the beautiful heroine, tame the spirit before she is murdered by drug manufacturers? "To put it crudely, it is Reservoir Dogs meets Highlander," says Michael Tims, 28, the International Financial Review journalist who, with the help of Henley-based Venture Capital Report, is searching for backers for the £250,000 production.

His partner, Speilberg-wannabee Julian Richards, 28, is winner of a clutch of international awards and is currently directing Brookside. The star role - King Cuchulainn - will be played by Adam Ant, the 1980s teen idol turned actor. The team is funding the production through an ingenious BES scheme and investors are promised payment before the participants.

The risks: high on the list is rain stopping filming.