Pembroke: Canny game among the frozen food

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COULD it be set to become the most successful marketing gimmick since Willy Wonka secreted golden entry tickets to his confectionery factory into six of his Whipple-Scrumptious-Fudgemallow-Delight chocolate bars?

The house rag of the European Leisure Software Publishers Association reports that one (unnamed) company is contemplating putting wacky little game cartridges in randomly selected packets of frozen food. These, they reckon, will prove irresistible to shoppers. As someone who has witnessed children fighting over nasty plastic toys in cornflakes packets, I'd say they were dead right.

THE SEVERN VALE Public Transport Initiative, which is exploring the feasibility of a light railway between Cheltenham and Gloucester, is chaired by a man who says things like: 'We intend to make the right decisions and provide a transport solution which will not only be around for a long, long time but which will also have a profound effect on this part of the world.'

Who is he? None other than Lord Marsh - the son of a railwayman who, as Dick Marsh, was transport minister and British Railways chairman in the early 1970s. How can he still be banging on so about trains? The explanation can only lie in the genes.

EAT YOUR heart out Graham Gooch. Gouldens, the City solicitors who have just returned from a triumphal cricket tour of Oxford colleges, won their series of three one-day matches 2-1, losing only to Worcester College. The side gave away T-shirts to the best players among their opponents that listed the matches, including three that had to be cancelled at the last minute . . . versus Australia at the Oval, MCC at Lords and the Cindy Crawford Select X1 at Fantasy Island.