Pembroke: Daggers drawn at names party

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THINGS seem to be hotting up at the Lloyd's Names Association Working Party. There have been moves afoot to replace the group's chairman, Christopher Stockwell, as the umbrella group seeks to adopt a different structure. Late this week Mr Stockwell survived a meeting where it was thought a vote would take place to remove him. The vote never took place and Mr Stockwell stated confidently afterwards: 'There is no current plan that I will be replaced.'

Er, not quite. A faction of the larger action groups, while impressed by Mr Stockwell's communication skills, still wants him out. The feeling is that he has grown too big for his boots and his survival is only a stay of execution. 'There will be a chairman imposed on him,' one action group member said. 'He is no longer the spokesman for the action groups, whatever he thinks.'

FALLOUT at the ecological fund manager Jupiter Tyndall. Tessa Tennant, the 'Green Goddess' who has long headed the fund's green team, is leaving to join Friends Provident. The move has apparently been sparked by the appointment of a new fund manager at Jupiter. James D'Albiac, head of Jupiter's Primadona international investment trust, is assuming personal responsibility for Jupiter's green and ecological funds.

McKENNA & Co, the international legal firm, has appointed the dashing Robert Derry-Evans as managing partner. For a lawyer, Mr Derry- Evans is an interesting chap. In the 1980s, he spent five years working in Hong Kong, where he played rugby for the Hong Kong Football Club and made regular golfing trips to exotic courses in Thailand and the Philippines. The work was varied, he says. While advising the government on the Hong Kong exhibition centre, he was also helping a construction manager extract himself from a potentially problematic relationship with a local dancer.

And then there was the mud wrestling. Like many ex- pats, Mr Derry-Evans indulged in a spot of mud wrestling at the English-style pub on Lantau island, the Frog and Toad. 'I'm off to Hong Kong again soon so I might pay another visit,' he says.

THE IRISH certainly know how to lay on a decent investor relations trip. Next Tuesday, the Irish oil exploration company Pan Andean Resources is taking a bunch of shareholders and City analysts over to Dublin for a night on the tiles. Pan Andean, which is drilling in Bolivia, is bringing the Bolivian football team over to Landsdowne Road in Dublin for a game against the Republic of Ireland.

Billed as a pre-World Cup warm-up, the evening fixture will be followed by a good old knees-up, including a speech by Ireland manager Jack Charlton and a performance by Jerry Lee Lewis, the local rock 'n' roller. After a few pints of Guinness, I understand the rabble plans to continue the revelry at a local nightspot called Lily's Bordello.

CITY WORKERS were out in force on Thursday night for the City of London Road Race. Hyped up at the start by Wolfman from the Gladiators television programme, 1,500 runners completed the 3.5- mile dash sponsored by Wilde Sapte, the solicitors. James Harrison, representing the Cannon Sports Club, won the race with a time of 16.5 minutes. The muscle-bound Gladiator is, it seems, all mouth and lycra. He didn't run at all.