Pembroke: Ronson revival

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LIFE IS definitely looking up for the Ronson family. Gerald has secured his financial future with Heron International and his daughter, Amanda, has just announced her engagement and her intention to emigrate to Israel with future hubby. By way of celebration Miss Ronson, one of four sisters, hired the Embargo nightclub in Chelsea on Tuesday night and held a party for 200 people.

It was, in the description of one slightly bewildered guest, 'like being in an episode of Beverley Hills 90210 - all white T-shirts and gold Rolexes'. There were signs, however, that the Ronsons are being a bit more focused about money than they might once have been. Guests paid for their own drinks and, post- party, Miss Ronson cruised off for an exotic, er, shish kebab.

THE FALL-OUT from Canary Wharf has extended even to the heady world of yacht racing. There was going to be a race, you see, between Olympia & York's two flagships - the World Trade Centre in New York and our own white elephant in the East End - organised by the Royal Ocean Racing Club in London. The race will now be ending at the still solvent venue of Southampton.

MAVIS PRIOR is the lucky secretary at Townsley & Co, the stockbrokers, who drew Commander in Chief in the office Derby sweepstake in return for her pounds 2 bet. Fortune hunters should head straight for Italy, where Ms Prior is sunning herself on a beach, blissfully unaware that she has probably paid for her holiday 200 times over.

Staff at Townsley are now wondering whether they will still have a secretary once she finds out . . .