Pembroke: Strictly legal occasion

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Price Waterhouse, facing an dollars 11bn lawsuit from the liquidators of BCCI, has issued tongue-in-cheek invitations to its summer party for the media in the form of a writ. Guests are commanded to present themselves without malfeasance or malice at Southwark Towers on 30 June.

The question remains - has the Meteorological Office been advised? The party, which usually gravitates to the roof garden, has been blessed by gale- force winds in recent years. Ian Brindle, senior partner, gets into King Lear mode to roar his speech above the sound of howling winds and lashing rain.

On the subject of lawsuits, Eurotunnel battles on with claims of well over pounds 500m against the state-owned British and French railways. The original contracts were drawn up under French law which Eurotunnel believed would favour it. A bright spark in the Treasury sent a memo at the time stating: 'I have noticed this contract is under French law. There will be trouble in due course.'

And so there was. Eurotunnel's chairman, Sir Alastair Morton, gains wry amusement from the fact the civil servant noted, but failed to act on what could prove to be an expensive action for his paymaster.

Roll up, roll up. A fantastic surprise is in store for one lucky customer who buys a Mercury One-2-One phone in the next three weeks. Super salesman Lord Young, chairman of Mercury's parent Cable & Wireless, was yesterday advertising his wares with gusto.

Mercury will celebrate breaking through the 100,000 sales barrier by presenting a customer, picked at random, with a 'golden' phone giving free calls to the year 2000.

Given the way customers are already taking advantage of Mercury's free local calls policy, Lord Young was forced to concede he hoped the winner would not be a teenager.

The reputation of Amstrad's electronic gadgetry will not be improved by a plea for help seen on the customers' noticeboard in Safeways at Malton, North Yorkshire: ' pounds 50 reward for anyone who can show me how to operate my Amstrad printer.'

Wentworth Club's west course - aptly named the Burma Road for its length and difficulty - will witness scenes of exhaustion on 18 July.

The annual golf days of the Savoy Hotel and Inchcape clash this year, with the Savoy teeing off at 9am and Inchcape at 2pm. Invited journalists are wondering whether they have the stamina, even if revived with the Savoy's finest catering between rounds.

Reports that Inchcape had moved its date were met with disdain by John Duncan, group corporate affairs director. The hacks need as much practice as they can get, he opined. 'They can hone their skills suitably in the morning and then play serious golf in the afternoon.'