Pembroke: Tapping some new sources of support

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It is a trickle rather than a flood, but support continues to grow for Diana Scott, the consumers' champion who is trying to gain a seat on the board of Yorkshire Water. Two more institutional shareholders, West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire county councils, have decided to back her.

Ms Scott, who is seen as an unwelcome presence by Yorkshire Water, is pulling out all the stops before the company's annual meeting on 29 September. At the weekend she wrote to the top 300 shareholders seeking their support.

Embarrassment for Ed Kirker, a partner at Pannell Kerr Forster. He was one of several PKF accountants who got so excited at jogging alongside the 400-metre champion and PKF employee Sally Gunnell that they over-exerted themselves.

Mr Kirker started well, but as everyone else was packing up and going home the breathless insolvency partner was seen being helped back in a van 'looking rather pathetic', according to one observer.

Brendan le Morvan, who retired as head of Midland Bank's press office in July, has landed a plum job - taking women out for lunch. 'Lunchtime' le Morvan joins the public relations agency Colman Getty in October as a part- time consultant specialising in women's issues. Colleagues expect the urbane former Midland man will be rather good at it.

Leonard Sulley, an American, will be hoping for better luck when he he expands his golf business into the UK. He specialises in hole-in- one insurance, where companies that offer big prizes for tournaments can indemnify themslves against the risk.

Readers of Venture Capital Report, through which Mr Sulley is seeking funding, ought to know that he has suffered past ill-fortune. When he started his business in the US golfers proved rather accurate and he paid out for three Cadillacs in his first month.