Pembroke: Tempers in the high Cs

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They're seething down at Glyndebourne, the opera house that has just spent pounds 33m on a rebuild.

It's no surprise that the City's favourite picnic area is on the opera shortlist for the Prudential Award for the Arts, Britain's richest handout.

But the hamper and Chablis set would like to know how Broomhill, a new, financially challenged but much praised country house opera trust, made its way on to this week's shortlist as well. Unlike Mid- Wales Opera, the other shortlisted candidate, the upstart Broomhill is a short drive away in Kent.

Jim Naughtie, the BBC broadcaster and music buff, and two other judges will decide next Wednesday whether the grande dame will receive even more loot.

The Oyster and Champagne index compiled by Balls Brothers has hit a new high, pointing to a sharp recovery in City expense accounts. More than 5,500 molluscs have been washed down with almost 1,000 bottles of Veuve Clicquot in the company's 13-strong chain of restaurants and wine bars this month. But a big boost was given from a single order yesterday. When a customer demanded a jeroboam the waiter asked how many glasses would be needed. 'Just two,' was the reply.

Breakfast at Tiffany's might have been a less glittering occasion than usual after the prestigious jewellery store on Fifth Avenue, New York, was robbed early on Sunday by two masked bandits.

Up to dollars 1m in baubles was taken by the men clad in ski balaclavas when they broke in after threatening an employee with a gun. They took 200 pieces including watches, bracelets and rings from the display cases after taping the wrists and ankles of four security guards.

Holly Golightly would have been distraught.

As if Lebanon did not have enough problems, 30 legal eagles from England are jetting over and setting up camp in Beirut.

Billed by the Law Society as a high-profile conference called 'The Lebanon - Legal Update for Redevelopment and Recovery', the aforesaid team will be advising 200 Lebanese counterparts on how to update the country's legal system.

Let's hope there are no equivalent Lebanese words and phrases for notwithstanding, save as before, and the classic - unto aforesaid.

Angela Green and Tricia Moon have joined Sir Tim Bell's spin-doctor practice, Chime, which has bought their Green Moon public relations company for pounds 1.1m.

As one would expect, Sir Tim mouthed some classic PR speak when commenting on the deal. 'The acquisition of Green Moon brings us a high quality business with very successful management and impressive client list. We look forward to working with Angela and Tricia.'