People and Business: Bennett set to hunt IT heads

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ONE OF the four senior executives who left ING Barings last autumn has popped up at the information technology recruitment firm JM. Peter Bennett left the investment bank after three years as global chief operating officer. He had been brought in from UBS to rebuild Barings' back-office operations after the Nick Leeson disaster.

Then last year ING Barings suffered big losses in emerging markets and brought in David Robins, a former colleague of Mr Bennett at UBS, to be a "new broom" chief executive.

Mr Bennett says: "I had already made my mind up to leave. I was disenchanted with investment banking - I'd been doing it for far too long. Mr Robins needed someone to make a new start with."

Mr Bennett, who was once a systems analyst with IBM back in the 1960s, is now head of JM's IT headhunting operations.