People and Business: Rock with the bean-counters

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I KNOW that accountants like to prove they're not boring, but this is ridiculous. A KPMG tax consultant has formed her own rock group, The Sensational Amanda Harvey Band, which will play at a leaving do for one of the firm's spin doctors this Friday.

Vocalist Amanda Harvey works with KPMG at Puddle Dock, just round the corner from the Fleet Street venue for the upcoming "gig". Richard Whitehead, a PR man with the firm, plays bass in the band, which is due to play its brand of "covers" this Friday for Phil Smith's leaving do at the City Golf Bar in Bride Lane, off Fleet Street (pounds 3 at the door).

Mr Whitehead points out that the band played Wembley a month ago. The effect is somewhat punctured when he explains it was in the foyer of the Wembley Conference Centre for a KPMG reception for small businesses.

Another KPMG tax manager, Rob Grant, plays lead guitar. It's not all KPMG however, as on keyboards we have an interloper from Arthur Andersen, in the shape of Jonathan Middup, a forensic accountant.

The band does have one link with the real music business. The drummer is Richard Grafton from EMI. Mr Grafton is director of commercial marketing at the music company, and spends his time licensing the back catalogue to compilations.

Mr Whitehead tells me he has a second group, a Genesis tribute band, which so far lacks a name. Suggestions please to