Perk can solve policy refusal

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PETER HOLDEN, a reader from Cirencester, has come up with a novel idea to solve the dilemma of the mature lady featured last week whose fatal accident insurance had been withdrawn after nearly 30 years, writes Sue Fieldman.

Susanne Williams, 67, had been dumped by Sun Alliance with just six weeks' notice when its broker division decided that offering accident insurance was no longer profitable.

A spokesman said that unfortunately Mrs Williams's age was against her if she wanted to take out another policy.

By chance, Mr Holden has discovered an answer to the problem. This week, out of the blue, he received a hugely detailed questionnaire in the post. After five pages of questions it offers a perk for your trouble: the chance to apply for an absolutely free accidental death policy for one year if you are aged 18 to 69 inclusive.

And guess which company is offering this super-duper perk - Sun Alliance.

A Sun Alliance spokesman said: 'We still sell accident insurance by direct marketing. We have come to an arrangement with this particular organisation to add accident insurance as an incentive to complete the questionnaire.'

No one has yet sent Mrs Williams a five-page questionnaire to complete. But her luck might change.