Personal Finance: Loose Change

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FRAMLINGTON HAS launched Second Dual Trust, a split-level investment trust aimed at investors who want a high level of tax-free income in an ISA. The income shares are expected to yield 9 per cent gross, paid quarterly. The annual management fee is 0.95 per cent, the minimum investment is pounds 1,000 up to a maximum of pounds 7,000 in a Maxi-ISA, and the offer is open until 26 July. Call 0345-775511.

PINNACLE INSURANCE is offering Premier Bond, a single premium insurance bond offering an annual income of 7 per cent gross or 30 per cent growth over four years to maturity. Payments are free of CGT and income tax for basic-rate payers. Capital is returned in full if the FT 100 share index is no lower on maturity. The minimum investment is pounds 7,500. Call 0181- 207-9007.

NATIONWIDE'S ONLINE Banking Service is now accepting applications for mortgages, loans, credit cards, savings and current accounts; the range of transactions available on accounts is wider and the latest messaging technology is used. Nationwide's ISP service will be available free and to non-customers from August. Call 0800-731-6860.