Personal finance: Loose change

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Bank of Scotland is launching a Car Purchase Plan, combining a rate of 12.2 per cent APR on loans above pounds 10,000. Also available are a range of options, including a savings account, plus discounts with National Tyres and Autocar. Call 0800 7310640.

Alliance & Leicester is giving away Marks & Spencer vouchers worth pounds 20 to customers who open a new Giro account in post offices where information TVs are situated.

Leeds & Holbeck is offering investors in its new Postal Max account a rate of up to 7.6 per cent gross on deposits above pounds 50,000, falling to 7.3 on minimum investment levels of pounds 5,000.

Dresdner RCM is launching an income-paying Preference PEP, paying a tax-free yield of 7.7 per cent. Call 0800 317573.

Chase de Vere Investments has launched a postal one-year fixed account through Newcastle Building Society, paying 7.51 gross on deposits above pounds 5,000, rising to 7.66 per cent gross on deposits above pounds 10,000. Call 0800 805806.