Portfolio in the Forest

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THE FOREST Investments Club was set up about six months ago in Nottingham. It has six members who all work together and meet regularly in the ancient local pub, the Trip to Jerusalem Inn, where the club was formed.

It has a portfolio of about pounds 6,000 and plans to invest a further pounds 30 to pounds 60 per month per member.

Bruno Rost, who works in investor relations for a privatised utility and helped set up the club, said: 'Our club is at an embryonic stage. We want to build up membership.'

He adds that the club aims to have the full quota of 20 members with a total of pounds 60,000 invested. Each member puts in different amounts according to what they can afford. Investment decisions are made collectively. At the moment, the club is looking at investing in new issues such as Roxborough and Virtuality.

'We talk out ideas,' Mr Rost said. 'Different people have very different ideas and it is useful for us to put our heads together.'