Prosecco global sales bubbling over as champagne falls flat

The Italian sparkling wine is outselling its French counterpart

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Prosecco is outstripping champagne in global sales, as more consumers pop the cork on bottles of Italy’s famous sparkling wine.

The tipple outsold its French rival in 2013 by 307 million bottles to 304 million bottles, according to figures released on Friday by OVSE, the Italian wine observatory, The Local reported.

Worldwide revenue from prosecco, which is produced in vineyards in a valley north of Venice, was up 16 per cent, while volume increased by 11.5 per cent, amounting to a total turnover exceeding €330 million (£274 million).

Sales of prosecco have been fizzing over in recent years, as it becomes the go-to choice for everyday celebrations and gatherings, particularly in the UK and United States.

The cheaper alternative has seen champagne fall flat. The French sparkling wine sold a record 339 million bottles in the heady year of 2007, before the global economic and financial crisis began weighing on the market a year later.

Prosecco is normally made from the Glera grape and is the main ingredient of the Bellini cocktail.