Queens Award: Into battle against bacteria

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HEALTH SCARES associated with bacteria could be a thing of the past, thanks to the development of a system that has won its inventors a Queen's Award for Technological Achievement, writes Roger Trapp.

Hertfordshire-based The Technology Partnership received the award for ChemScan, which is claimed to be the world's first rapid bacterial detection system that can provide results in minutes rather than days or weeks.

Jas Sanghera headed the development at TTP, which has become a leading European centre for innovation since its establishment 11 years ago. He said: "This is the only system that can satisfy the ever-increasing demands of the food, drink and water industries to put an end to the public health scares caused by e.coli and cryptosporidium."

Support for the pharmaceuticals industry was also behind a Queen's Award for Export Achievement presented to Akos Healthcare Group. The award was in recognition of its long-term success in the international healthcare industry.