Remedies: a growth area

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Cantassium Hair Nutrition Tablets pounds 4.95 for 60, "contains nutrients essential for healthy hair growth". Available from Larkhall Green Farm, mail order (0181-874 1130). Hair Vit by Health Aids pounds 6.49 for 30 tablets, vitamins for healthy hair.

Natural health

Neal's Yard Remedies stress that you need to see a homeopath about hair loss, as it shouldn't be treated in isolation. However, the following Neal's Yard products are recommended for "stimulating the scalp and blood flow".

Seawood shampoo pounds 2.40 100ml, pounds 3.50 200ml, "will enrich and nourish the hair and scalp". An infusion of dried rosemary (55p 25g) and nettle (60p 25g) used as a rinse is also stimulating. Or try rosemary (pounds 3.45 10ml), lavender (pounds 4.75 10ml) and thyme (pounds 4.55 10ml), essential oils diluted in almond, or jojoba-based oils, massaged into scalp. Then wash hair as normal. Available by mail order (01865 245436).

Over the pharmacy counter

Regaine by Upjohn (pounds 24.95 60ml) is used to treat baldness and slow down receding hair. Contains Minoxidil and has recently moved from prescription- only status. It is a topical solution (2 per cent) applied directly to the affected area. Upjohn claims it is "not certain how Regaine works. It might help blood flow to the cells in your scalp which grow hair, or it might increase the number of actively growing cells". Always read the label. Available from Boots.


Pashana friction lotion pounds 5.99 (approx) 250ml. Massage into the scalp to stimulate hair shaft and blood flow. Available from barbers and unisex salons.


Curry. Strange but true! On a Radio 5 chat show a Welshman was so convinced of the results that he would not divulge the name of the curry so he could market it. Try chicken madras.


Mane spray is a spray-on disguise for bald or thinning patches. Costs pounds 10.20 and comes in dark brown, mid-brown, light brown, black, blond, grey, silver and hazel. Available from Charles H Fox, the theatrical supplier (0171-240 3111).