Retailers set sights on Poland

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Poland is set to become the next target for Western European retailers, although UK stores groups are currently lagging behind their Continental rivals. Czechoslovakia has already proved popular for expansion and Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania are also considered promising areas for potential expansion. According to a new report by Corporate Intelligence, Poland's increasing economic and political stability is making it the focus of attention for a number of European stores groups, particularly in France and Germany.

Last week Tesco paid pounds 8m for a 79 per cent stake in Savia, the Polish food retailing group. Savia has 36 stores in the southern part of the country. BP is opening a chain of petrol stations in Poland, which will have convenience stores attached. K Shoes, part of Clark's Shoes, has two stores in Warsaw and remains committed to the country despite relatively slow growth. Booker, the cash-and-carry group, has a stake in the Polish supermarket group, Eurotrade.