Rogue Trader: A commercial guide to the UK ...

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Extracts from the official US State Department's fascinating glimpse of how Britain's economy is seen by the Berkshire-dwelling exiles who snoop on Brits for the military industrial complex.

"Unlike the UK manufacturing industry, the financial and professional services industries have proved flexible and innovative. Without undue effort, US professional service industries generate annual fees there well in excess of $12.5bn." In other words, London is a great place to dump the VP's deadbeat son.

"The UK is the leading export market for numerous US-prepared products [including] salsas, dips and salad dressings, popcorn and beer." So they've got white trash too. "Prohibited imports include AM citizens' band radios, switchblade knives, devices that project toxic or harmful substances, counterfeit currency and certain types of pornography." You need a licence to sell the Brits "firearms, explosives, controlled drugs and certain types of military equipment". You can sell nuclear missiles and "chemical, biological and nuclear-related materials" - but only to the Government.

"British executives communicate more by letter and fax than by phone, and are far less likely to seek legal advice than their US counterparts." And: "At vacation times, many are unavailable except by advance appointment." Quaint, huh?