Rogue Trader: News Round-Up

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Amazing information hot off the press from July's edition of What Cellphone magazine ...

"Tickets, passport, money, suntan cream - these are the things you need to remember when packing your bags for your summer holiday". Proof that mobile phones kill brain cells.

More evidence of brain damage. Win a mobile phone by solving this conundrum: "What is the capital city of Sweden? (a) Paris (b) Addis Ababa (c) Stockholm."

Pandering to neurotic holiday-time phone-separation anxiety syndrome: "You may be used to carrying your phone with you in your pocket [but what do you do] if all you intend to wear on holiday is trunks or a bikini?"

Answer: "A wide variety of shoulder holsters and belt cases is now available for mobiles." Cellphone suggests "the Italian-designed Vega Holster range".

Finally: "A surprising number of people lose phones at airports, leaving them in X-ray machines after they've been scanned."