ROGUE TRADER: The week's Barclays ...

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BARCLAY CHIEF: Matt Barrett, Canadian banker with a foxy wife who came out of retirement to take over at Barclays, promising to "create mischief".

BARCLAY KNAPP: chief executive of NTL, bought Cable and Wireless for pounds 8.2bn, using cash provided by the French.

THE BARCLAY BROTHERS: the multi-millionaires rumoured to be preparing a takeover of the Express.

LIEUTENANT REGINALD "REG" ENDICOTT BARCLAY III: believed by some to have been a former editor of the Daily Express, merchant banker and cable TV executive. Later became chief diagnostic engineer (phasers, warp factor engines, video on demand and cash point machines) on the US Starship Enterprise.

NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH: Barclay James Harvest: Seventies supergroup from Oldham, Lancs. Hits included Song with No Meaning and Suicide?

Useful information, dinner party ice-breakers and style tips for the cool executive dude culled from Fortune magazine ...

* On possible health hazards of mobile-phone use: "Is your brain frying? Does anyone care. The fact is no one knows precisely what the cell phone is doing to us." But this does not prevent Fortune devoting a long article to the subject.

* Essential guide to the language used by 20-something internet millionaires: "Shagadelic" means "hot". "Hot" also means "cool", which brings you back in a circle to "shagadelic". Meanwhile "cool" also means "good", which also translates as "ill" and "chilly". But "cool" stands condemned as old-fashioned.