Shares in Jacques Vert suspended

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Long-suffering investors in Jacques Vert, the womenswear retailer, were dealt another blow yesterday when dealings in the company's shares were suspended at 21.5p pending publication of the annual report and accounts for the year to 3 May.

A spokesman for the company said losses for the last year would be close to pounds 9m.

Prior to the suspension price, Jacques Vert had a stock market value of just pounds 6.6m, having been worth more than pounds 50m when the shares peaked at 173p last year.

Company Results

Turnover pounds Pre-tax pounds EPS Dividend

AB Foods (F) 5.2bn (5.71bn) 850m (430m) 75.6p (31p) 10p (9.5p)

Blacks Leisure (I) 52.58m (42.25m) 5.31m (3.9m) 10.89p (8.46p) 1.75p (1.25p)

Blakes Clothing (I) 649,135 (3.45m) 176,995 (110,564) 1.39p (0.92p)

London Securities (I) - (-) 469,000 (381,000) 6.8p (5.9p) nil (nil)

Prowting (I) 79.09m (59.24m) 6.78m (2.22m) 6.3p (1.6p) 2.1p (1.9p)

Stratagem (F) 158.7m (131.1m) -4.46m (-3.03m) -14.4p (-8.4p) 4.0p (4.0p)

Style Holdings (I) 10.92m (14.92m) 591,000 (461,000) 2.8p (2.2p)

Waverley Mining (F) 4.17m (2.24m) -23.65m (-4.44m) -50.7p (-10.6p)

Westmount Energy (F) 381.5m (246.5m) 211,505 (111,232) 1.4p (0.7p)

(F) - Final (I) - Interim