Shares: Taking Stock

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Talk of more property takeover action. One story going the rounds suggests Wiggins, unchanged at 9.25p, is eyeing CNC Properties, up 5.5p to 76.5p, a shade below last year's peak.

Wiggins, revived by Oliver Iny, took over Tomorrow's Leisure in a deal pricing the group at pounds 16.2m earlier this year and last week stockbroker Greig Middleton forecast a sharp profits advance.

CNC, born out of the old Clarke, Nickolls & Coombs sweets business, has itself been acquisitive, buying Brightstone Properties and Milburn Estates.

Allied Colloids, the chemical group, firmed to 130p; NatWest Securities expects year's results, due today, to show a 28 per cent advance to pounds 54m with the dividend lifted 10 per cent to 3.15p.