Shares: Taking Stock

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rTelevision Corporation is hugging new highs at 139p. Hopes of profit upgrades are in the air.

US deals are likely soon and some believe current estimates of pounds 2.9m for the year to end June are too cautious and a figure nearer pounds 3.3m will be substituted.

rFlying Flowers, the Jersey-based distributor of fresh flowers, is near to making a substantial acquisition; the shares shaded to 177p.

rA Californian diamond mine, expected to become a top producer, should bring a sparkle to Waverley Mining. Shares of Diadem Resources, the operating company, have surged from $2 to $7 and are now more than $5. Waverley has more than 3 million of them and the upsurge adds around 10p to its assets per share.