Singalong with fax?

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WHY Singalong with Max when you can singalong with fax? Music Sales of Soho have come up with a wheeze by which musicians can choose from a digital repertoire of thousands of popular and classical scores. Provided they have access to a fax machine they can have them printed out simply by ringing a dedicated number.

Just think, no more need to buy the complete works of Gershwin when all you really wanted was An American in Paris. The company hopes this will be a boost to the sheet music industry, which has been undermined by modern and unnecessary developments such as the gramophone. Chris Butler of Music Sales believes the way to fight back is with the equally modish fax. "Fax technology represents a concrete lifestyle change," he told me rather bafflingly. "We are now able to revive a popular traditional service through it."

More power to your elbow, Mr Butler, but believe me, the first busker I encounter dialling your service on his mobile fax to assault me with Mull of Kintyre will be swiftly disconnected.