Sir John turns tec for troubleshooting tape

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YOU'VE seen the television programme and read the book. Now buy the video - and use it to teach yourself and your workforce how to avoid business pitfalls.

The programme and book in question are Troubleshooter 2, the results of Sir John Harvey-Jones's latest stampede through a variety of British companies with a view to finding out what makes them tick, where they have gone wrong and what they can do to become successes. The video is in fact a series of tapes on various companies, plus preface and 'trigger' tapes. There is also a set of booklets, again one for each subject plus a preface.

'It is exactly like a detective story,' said Sir John, describing his approach. 'I am looking for clues and then trying to follow the clues and develop a hypothesis . . . testing the hypothesis and then trying to get the proof.'

In preparing the package, the BBC consulted those who had bought the videos and books based on the first Troubleshooter series. Although the pounds 795 price tag puts it in a different sphere to the first, Flora Hamilton of BBC Training Videos claims encouraging sales.

The package is available from BBC Training Videos, BBC Enterprises, Woodlands, 80 Wood Lane, London W12 0TT.