Business First: An essential 12-part guide to SMEs

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Welcome to Business First, an essential 12-part guide to SMEs. Over the coming months, we’ll be looking at some of the key issues that affect SMEs, whether it’s IT security or keeping a dynamic company culture alive. These articles are featured in The Independent’s business section, but we’ve also created an online archive so you can read them at any time.

You can also ask our business expert, Roger Trapp, about SMEs. Roger will be answering a selection of your questions right here – all you need to do is email them to

SME Guide

Part 1: Keeping the spirt alive

Part 2: Safe as houses?

Part 3: Harnessing better applications to avoid the agony of growing

Part 4: Small firms, big choices

Part 5: It's getting easier to talk

Part 6: Upgrade without a fuss

Part 7: Putting people first

Part 8: The rules of distraction

Part 9: The benefits of outsourcing

Part 10: Connecting for success

Part 11: How Customer Relationship Management systems can be of benefit to your business

Part 12: Knowledge is power

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