South Africans are dealing with the shocking state of their currency with a comedy hashtag

#StrongerThanTheRand makes fun of the currency failing to its lowest point in 14 years

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Instead of tearing their hair out over the poor exchange rate of their currency after it touched a new low on Wednesday, South Africans expressed their frustration with humour.

Twitter users adopted the hastag #StrongerThanTheRand to make fun of the weakness of their currency by comparing it to unlikely things that are stronger.

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Even US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Deez Nuts, North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un and South African president Jacob Zuma were not safe.


Unsurprisingly, marketing companies tried to take advantage of the hastag.

The rand touched a new low of R14 to the US dollar on 24 August. It also hit r21 to the British Pound, and R15.35 to the euro, but has rebounded a bit since.