Sunday Round-Up: The main stories from yesterday's City pages: The Sunday Times

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An analysis of Treasury figures shows a bigger rise in public spending during the current Parliament than at any time since the Heath- Barber boom of the early 1970s. Excluding the impact of inflation, the figures show that spending will jump 12.3 per cent between 1991-2 and 1996-7, or by pounds 90bn in unadjusted cash terms.

Wellcome faces a new threat to sales of AZT, the profitable and controversial Aids drug, after an Anglo-French inquiry concluded that it is ineffective in HIV-positive patients who have not yet developed Aids. Final results of the Concorde study confirm the early results, released last year.

British Airways is accused of bullying by its Air Miles minority partner, Mills Cowdrey Management, in a dispute over the future of the frequent-flyer programme. BA wants to buy out Mills and has blocked companies, such as BT, who want to join the scheme, and others, like Shell and NatWest, who want to renew contracts.

Clydesdale Group, the Scottish electrical retailer that abandoned plans for a flotation last year, went into receivership at the weekend after attempts to refinance it ended in failure.

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