Taking Stock

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r Fairbriar, the building group where Bank of Scotland sits on 47.3 per cent of the capital as a legacy of past disasters, climbed 6p to 34.5p, making an 11.5p gain this week. It returned to the black in the first half of last year with a pounds 1.4m profit and year's figures should be out soon. But stories of a Kent undertaking are the main spur. It is rumoured that Fairbriar has a big development in the pipeline, probably with Rank.

r Card Clear, the credit card protection group, edged forward 0.5p to 43.5p as Credit Lyonnais Laing said buy, suggesting an initial target of 50p. It sees CC producing pounds 2.2m this year and pounds 3.3m next.

r Motion Media, suspended on Ofex for a cash call, returned at 155p, off 35p.