The 10 best logo changes of 2015

Take a look to see what caught our eye this year

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A great logo change can breathe new life into an old brand.

This year, several major companies changed their logos. To identify the best revamps, Business Insider looked through graphic-design publisher UnderConsideration's Brand New blog archives and picked our favorites. We only considered large, non-athletic-team or university brands that rolled out the changes in 2015.

Take a look below to see what caught our eye this year:

10. With the help of design firm Studio Tilt, IHOP changed the “Restaurant” bar in its logo to create a smiley face that adds a burst of cheer. The brand reinvention arrived two months before the popular restaurant chain reported its strongest second-quarter sales in over a decade.


9. The dinner-reservation service OpenTable worked with Tomorrow Partners for a logo that looks great on the current generation of smartphones. Its icon cleverly represents a diner waiting for a table.


8. Creative agency Troika updated Turner Broadcasting's logo with a modern look that still maintains its unique “r” shapes.


7. Sbarro's new owners are hoping to revive the struggling pizza chain. Its 2015 branding overhaul, which evokes a slice of pizza, is a step in the right direction.


6. Emerald Nuts worked with the agency Girvin to replace its previously old-fashioned logo with a sleek, modern update.


5. Pentagram's redesign of The Ritz-Carlton's logo helps it stand out in the luxury-hotel market. The agency cleaned up the lion crest, gave the lettering a bolder font, and imbued it all with an unusual shade of blue that the chain will now embrace as its own.


4. Google Ventures, Google's venture-capital arm, reinvented itself as “GV” this year and redesigned its logo in-house to accompany the change. It takes the “G” from Google's new logo and slashes into it with a half visible “V,” adding some character.


3. Agencies Bloom and Anomaly refreshed Johnnie Walker's logo with a more detailed character and contemporary luxury-label lettering meant to appeal to a young, sophisticated audience.


2. Viacom's Spike network worked with the Bluemarlin agency to create a more mature logo that may help it attract a broader audience beyond its core male demographic.


1. After 17 years of using basically the same logo, Google's in-house redesign launched in September. The tech giant's distinctive and uniform new look is great in its applications across all Google products. It's fresh while remaining true to the brand.


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