The British Franchise Exhibition: Partnership the key to a successful business

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UK FRANCHISED businesses currently employ around 200,000 people and turn over in excess of pounds 4.8bn. The industry is predicted to grow to twice this size within the next four years.

This industry will outperform almost every other in the country, creating wealth and jobs at a rate which draws a not unrealistic parallel with the growth of the computer technology industry during the Sixties and Seventies. This growth will be achieved through thousands of successful franchise partnerships, which harness the energy and commitment of the franchisee with the support and proven business format of the franchisor.

So what is franchising? In essence, it is the granting of a licence by a franchisor, who is the owner of the business format, to the franchisee who can sell the franchised product or service with the franchisor's profit being closely dependent upon the success of the franchisee. (Our free seminars will provide you with additional information.) The range of franchise businesses is already vast and far larger than most people imagine. If you eat at McDonald's, Burger King, Wimpy or shop at Athena or Body Shop, or stay in a Holiday Inn hotel or buy your motor car from a Rover dealer, the chances are that you have been looked after by a franchisee.

The rewards for successful franchisees can be enormous, not just financially - there are many who have made millions - but also in terms of having some real control over your future in a way in which working for somebody else can never provide. But this greater freedom is also coincident with a greater level of security than with a conventional business start-up. The knowledge and proven track record of the franchisor makes you around five times more likely to succeed with a franchise than with a conventional business start-up.

So think about becoming involved and finding a franchisor with a proven track record, a fair attitude and a thorough professional approach to business. This is where The British Franchise Exhibition, organised by Careers In Industry (CII) in association with the Independent on Sunday, is so important. The exhibition focuses clearly on the quality end of the franchise market, rigorously excluding those companies who have not met our strict selection criteria. This does not mean that we can guarantee your success, a lot of which is down to your own hard work, but for every company exhibiting we have turned away a number of others.

You will meet around 50 different franchisors at the exhibition, covering everything from pubs to hotels, employment agencies to cleaning services and fast-food to parcel delivery. Most of them offer franchises throughout the UK with investments ranging from pounds 5,000 to pounds 5m. NatWest, the UK's leading franchise lending bank, will also be available to discuss finance.

Contact Sarah Hamilton on 071-727 7380 for your ticket and information pack (priced pounds 8.00). We look forward to welcoming you to Manchester.

Mel Stride, Managing Director, CII